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Incentivizing the Tasks: The Challenges, Motivations and What We Hope to Accomplish


Thoughtful people understand that solving these various problems will confer extraordinary and enduring benefits on the American people … some of which will ramify in congenial ways to the global economy and culture.

Thoughtful people also recognize that each of these problems represent tough challenges and not likely to be arrested by an afternoon’s contemplation.  To encourage capable individuals and teams to pick up the gauntlet and address one or more of these most vexing problems – we are creating a “sidecar” approach to implementing the most superior solutions.


Subject to our identification of threshold-quality solutions – we will lead the effort in the funding of a collaboratively created implementation plan.  Once the author(s) of the solution and our Critical Decisions Leadership Team concur on an implementation strategy – we will initiate a funding campaign to raise the money required to support effective marketing and lobbying efforts to implement the coveted solution.


Accordingly, we respectfully submit that the incentive we create for eliciting the participation of capable individuals and teams to address one or more of these challenges … is that we will help fund and coordinate the efforts to achieve implementation.