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Despite global achievement of the greatest civilization in the history of the world – significantly led and developed by the American penchant for excellence, individual liberty, fairness and economic stability – there remain significant challenges that have not been effectively addressed.


Because these particular problems can have toxic effects on the economy and on the general well-being of the American people – it is of paramount importance that solutions be constructed and applied.


Curiously, no one (individual or group) has embraced and taken responsibility for solving these most important problems.


Though political leaders may address specific problems like the sequester issue – they fail to address the related meta-issues, e.g., how can the gridlock phenomenon be marginalized, how can the access to and affordability of higher education be significantly improved, how can we establish a protocol for unambiguous, unbiased verification of the facticity of assertions? Addressing and resolving these meta-issues can be instrumental to solving the larger cultural and political-economic problems.


We present this website with the fervent hope that its content will stimulate a national discussion and, thereby, elicit thoughtful solutions to several of America’s most vexing problems.


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