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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the document submission formatting requirements?



None – except that the document must be readable.   


Will my work-product be vulnerable to edits in either style or content? 


To underscore the importance of our facilitating viable solutions to the gridlock problem, we want to work with the winners of the contest by recommending cosmetic and content edits, as required. Our panel of judges will be asked to make editorial comments as part of their assessment of the entries; this diversity of critiques, we believe, will result in more effective solutions that are also respectable work-products and eminently presentable to the various stakeholders and gatekeepers we wish to influence and incite to action.

We understand that “pride of authorship” sometimes inhibits a willingness to accept constructive criticism and the imposition of edit requirements. Importantly, however, our intent is to optimize the likelihood that our winning solutions will be influential. For that reason, contestants must be willing to accept the editorial changes we recommend – but we will endeavor to craft a congenial collaborative process.


How is Critical-Decision.Com, Inc. organized as a legal entity?


Critical-Decision.Com, Inc is organized as a non-profit in the state of Michigan.

We have been advised that donations to the project will qualify as tax-deductible because of our non-profit corporation status, providing that the IRS grants the corporation tax-exempt status. Regardless, we are not experts in taxation matters and we cannot certify that the IRS will grant a tax exemption or whether any subsequent donations may be tax-deductible. You are advised to consult your tax advisor for clarification on this issue.


How do I submit my document?


The website allows you to simply upload your document. The UPLOAD feature will be provided in a prominent place on the website.

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